Enlightened Sparrow by Rimi Yang
Enlightened Sparrow
Painting  48" x 48"
Fabric of the Garden by Rimi Yang
Fabric of the Garden
Painting  60" x 48"
Fire Horse by Rimi Yang
Fire Horse
Painting  48" x 48"
Geisha and Her Cat by Rimi Yang
Geisha and Her Cat
Painting  36" x 24"
Geisha in the Colorful Town by Rimi Yang
Geisha in the Colorful Town
Painting  60" x 48"
Harmony of the Tranquility by Rimi Yang
Harmony of the Tranquility
Painting  30" x 30"
Innocent Prayer by Rimi Yang
Innocent Prayer
Painting  48" x 36"
Kafkas Horse by Rimi Yang
Kafkas Horse
Painting  40" x 60"
Ladys Day Dream by Rimi Yang
Ladys Day Dream
Painting  48" x 36"
Lemon Yellow Dress by Rimi Yang
Lemon Yellow Dress
Painting  40" x 30"
Life Like Tara by Rimi Yang
Life Like Tara
Painting  24" x 18"
Lost Graces by Rimi Yang
Lost Graces
Painting  60" x 48"