Le Desir Au Bord Dune Source by Theo Tobiasse
  • Theo Tobiasse

  • Title:Le Desir Au Bord Dune Source
  • Inventory#:TOBIA10005
  • Size:33" x 41"
    ( 84cm x 104cm )
  • Medium:Terragraph On Paper
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Theo Tobiasse was born in Palestine in 1927 and brought to Paris as a child. He created his earliest drawings before World War II, and spent the crucial years of his youth hiding from the Nazis in a Paris apartment. After the war he became a successful commercial designer until 1961
when he decided to devote his full attention to painting. Tobiasse's style of painting is highly sophisticated. His technique is a painterly blend of surrealism, expressionism, and modern primitivism. His themes are literary, often biblical, and at times erotic. His paintings seem to transcend history - fusing dreams, mythologies, biblical stories and his own past - into rich metaphors for the world of the present. The terragraph is a unique printing process developed by Har-El-Printers & Published and The Jaffa Terragraph Atelier. It combines advanced binding materials and the most basic pigment - sand. The sand of the terragraph is collected in specific areas of the Negev and Judean Deserts, depending on the texture and color required. It is neutralized and dried and is then ready for use. The first step is to seal the paper with a silicone varnish in order to keep the sand and oil binders in relief on the paper's surface. The sand is ground to different coarseness of grains, according to the
effect required. Tobiasse worked closely with Jaffa and the Atelier craftsmen as he adapted this new technique to his own expression. Due to the silicone varnishes and durability of the oil inks and sand, the terragraphs may be framed without glass. This enables a direct communication with the sensuous textures and vibrant colors produced by this special method of printing. An internationally acclaimed artist, Theo Tobiasse's works are included in numerous private, corporate and museum collections worldwide.

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Theo Tobiasse
Le Desir Au Bord Dune Source
Terragraph On Paper
33" x 41"
     Edition of 199