Still Life With Flowers I by Sigurd Rakel
  • Sigurd Rakel

  • Title:Still Life With Flowers I
  • Inventory#:RAKELS0022
  • Size:17" x 25"
    ( 43cm x 64cm )
  • Frame Size:31" x 39"
    ( 79cm x 99cm )
  • Medium:Acrylic On Paper
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Sigurd Rakel

Sigurd Rakel
Inspired by the modernist search for truth, Sigurd Rakel’s still life paintings are a fusion of cubist deconstruction and fauvist color.
Rakel’s appreciation for underlying structure led him to admire the Cubist work of Picasso and Braque. Imitating their deconstruction of space, Rakel learned to master the abstraction of form. For Rakel the process of diminishing the object to its essential substance is a process he likens to the search for artistic truth.
While traditional cubism eschewed color to focus objectively on issues of space and form, Rakel delights in bold explosions of color that are reminiscent of Matisse’s fauve paintings. Rakel’s interest in purity extends to the application of color. He applies only pure colors to the picture’s scale surface; any mixing or manipulation of colors is done directly on the canvas. The viewer is allowed to witness the artistic process in the sweeping gestures of his brush.
Rakel has succeeded in blending fauvism and cubism into a style uniquely his own. In his words, these vibrant colorful compositions are “Still lifes in today’s scale.”

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Sigurd Rakel
Still Life With Flowers I
Acrylic On Paper
17" x 25"
Framed: 31" x 39"