Woman in Front of the Mirror by Heinz Rabbow
  • Heinz Rabbow

  • Title:Woman in Front of the Mirror
  • Inventory#:RABBOH0005
  • Size:48.5" x 52.5"
    ( 123cm x 133cm )
  • Frame Size:50.5" x 54.5"
    ( 128cm x 138cm )
  • Medium:Tempera On Board
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Heinz Rabbow

Rabbow is not a realist; he is a mystic. In his paintings he pursues his ideal of beauty. His faces are not portraits; they spring from his imagination, his yearning for perfect beauty, his pursuit of simplicity. He finds it in people, in their faces and in their souls. The appealing features that we admire in beautiful faces - fullness, roundness, smooth and luminescent skin, are heightened to a degree of abstraction. 
His idealized face is in fact always the same face, whether male or female, a peasant, a cook, a boxer or a swimmer. It is ordinary and celestial at the same time. Hair would detract from the perfect shape of the head, so caps and hats take the place of hair. 
These paintings show neither depth nor distance, there are no shadows. The background and perspective is a mere gesture towards realism. As close as the artist brings the viewer to these fantasyCH people" as elusive they are. Their beauty is synthetic - the mystery is the attraction. In the expression of the faces one perceives at once an amused serenity and a sweet melancholy. One can't quite grasp the emotion but the impression is lasting and unforgettable. In his medium of tempera he re-creates the ancient method of if grisaille" by painting solely in monochrome shades of neutral colors. 
Heinz Rabbow was born in Berlin in 1940. After studies in journalism, history and education, he abandoned a teaching career to pursue a career in painting. Since 1985, Heinz Rabbow's works have been shown in numerous exhibitions worldwide including the New York Art Expo, the Chicago Art Expo, Art Miami and Art Cologne. 

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Heinz Rabbow
Woman in Front of the Mirror
Tempera On Board
48.5" x 52.5"
Framed: 50.5" x 54.5"