Mauritius by Thomas Jessen
  • Thomas Jessen

  • Title:Mauritius
  • Inventory#:JESSET0026
  • Size:71" x 114"
    ( 180cm x 290cm )
  • Frame Size:73" x 116"
    ( 185cm x 295cm )
  • Medium:Oil On Canvas
  • PRICE ON REQUEST   (why no price?)
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Thomas Jessen

Thomas Jessen

Thomas Jessen Born 1958, Germany Growing up, the painter’s life was full of the flora and fauna of the German countryside although his lush and exact portrayals of these surroundings are not mere reproductions of plants, bushes, fields and trees. They are renditions of his familiar environments told with the accuracy that only deep intimacy, lengthened reflection and lifelong immersion can provide. In his work, “Asters and Lavender,” herbal sprigs softly sway in the breeze. In “Ouddorp Netherlands,” fields of wheat lay beneath the afternoon’s receding shadows. Soft muted brush strokes are juxtaposed with sharp and minute details to showcase elements like foreground, background, season and time. Jessen’s works possess an immediacy and strength that transcend the canvas and lead the viewer toward understanding the touch, feel, and even smell of his subject matter. This element is meant to close the distance between art and audience that has been perpetuated by modern media, television, and photography. His visual images pull the viewer into an environment rich with texture, color, and emotion. Through paint, Jessen opens insight into the meeting of two worlds: imagination and image.

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Thomas Jessen
Oil On Canvas
71" x 114"
Framed: 73" x 116"