Flowers III by Theresia Janssen
  • Theresia Janssen

  • Title:Flowers III
  • Inventory#:JANSST0003
  • Size:39.5" x 41.25"
    ( 100cm x 105cm )
  • Medium:Woodrelief
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Theresia Janssen

Theresia Janssen was born 1962 in Lohne
We perceive our reality to a large extent through the medium of photography. Every day millions of pictures are displayed in newspapers and magazines. Sometimes, these images appear more real and closer to us than our everyday environment.
Theresia Janssen tries to read between the lines. Huge dots still show traces of the photos but they have been enlarged beyond recognition in order to fill the spaces with her own images.
The often simple figurative motifs, like a Rabbit, Zebras, grasses, or people who carry pictures, stand in stark contrast to the abstract painting with which she fills the background. At second glance, one discovers that the designs are not painted, but cut out of the surface. Through this almost sculptural activity, the perfect surface of the pictures is destroyed, creating an actual relief of the image.
Figuration and abstraction, picture and sculpture are the poles that Theresia Janssen unites in her objects, thus allowing them to cross these borders, thus displaying the “photo block” to its best advantage.

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Theresia Janssen
Flowers III
39.5" x 41.25"