Portrait of Hans Christian Andersen by Eberhard Hueckstaedt
  • Eberhard Hueckstaedt

  • Title:Portrait of Hans Christian Andersen
  • Inventory#:HUECKE0369
  • Size:31" x 20"
    ( 79cm x 51cm )
  • Frame Size:43" x 32"
    ( 109cm x 81cm )
  • Medium:Mixed Media On Paper
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Eberhard Hueckstaedt

Eberhard Hueckstaedt

Eberhard Hueckstaedt was born in Germany in 1936
Eberhard Hueckstaedt survived the World War II bombings of Potsdam and neighboring Berlin. At the war’s end, he was moved to the house
of his beloved grandparents in Mecklenburg in what was then East Germany. Despite the oppression, he experienced a happy childhood with six other grandchildren. In 1950, he took an apprenticeship at an art enterprise in Mecklenburg. He continued there until 1954 working on the restoration of churches in the area while honing his unique voice. In 1959, he topped off his education with five years enrollment in the College of Fine Arts in Dresden. Finally he established his own studio, albeit under the scrutiny of the Communist East German government. Despite his struggle with the system, he was able to achieve great artistic success, participating in many exhibits, and winning numerous art prizes and awards. Hueckstaedt wanted to move west and did so even with little money or resources. He learned that the government had accumulated a massive file on him as a suspected dissident and so freedom. It was now that he could entirely focus on a body of work that placed him in a prestigious gallery that gained him newfound exposure and recognition throughout Central Europe. His painting style employs a unique combination of watercolor, charcoal and plaster creating transparencies and variation in stroke and line. His nude figures seemingly float on the canvas, soft and otherworldly.


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Eberhard Hueckstaedt
Portrait of Hans Christian Andersen
Mixed Media On Paper
31" x 20"
Framed: 43" x 32"