Format 101 by Zivana Gojanovic
  • Zivana Gojanovic

  • Title:Format 101
  • Inventory#:GO000047
  • Size:31.5" x 63"
    ( 80cm x 160cm )
  • Medium:Oil On Canvas
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Zivana Gojanovic

Zivana Gojanovic

Croatian born artist Zivana Gojanovic lives and works in California. She has been called an existential emotionalist who makes paintings that convey the subtle nuances of man’s enigmatic place within the worldly plane. Gojanovic grows and shapes her paintings almost as if nurturing an organic process, building them layer by layer over a period of weeks, sometimes months. This allows the artist to connect with, and react to, the painting as it evolves, striving to fill the work with imagery and emotion so that the viewer can relate as strongly as she does. Through her unique compositions, meticulous color palettes and old master layering and glazing processes, she manages to capture the energy and  power of our solitary human existence. Gojanovic attended the School of Fine Arts and the University of Art & Design in Croatia. She has been included in exhibits in the United States, Croatia and Japan. As long as she has been painting, the artist has mined the annals of fine literature for inspiration. Some books speak to her on a visual level while others trigger something more abstract – yet in each occurrence something ultimately connects with her core, propelling her to create an outward manifestation of the story within.


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Zivana Gojanovic
Format 101
Oil On Canvas
31.5" x 63"