Malibu 2 by Christian Blau
  • Christian Blau

  • Title:Malibu 2
  • Inventory#:BL000011
  • Size:39" x 78"
    ( 99cm x 198cm )
  • Medium:Mixed Media on Sand and Canvas
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Christian Blau was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1960
CHRISTIAN BLAU’S work is very often a critical comment to the media influenced society and pop-culture. film stills and imagery from various movies or tv-soaps compose the background of most of his material-light-paintings. They are combined with cryptic fragments of language. the sense often stays hidden and allusions are created between word an image. Sometimes he uses words and language that is used to describe contemporary art. In his latest series he comments on the threats and violence that are artificially produced through media, used to scare and touch primary fears. Blau claims that politicians and governments have become more efficient in using these artificial threats for their own purpose.

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Christian Blau
Malibu 2
Mixed Media on Sand and Canvas
39" x 78"